Our music is the intimate small form – chamber music, small groups, solo voices and instruments playing in ensemble. We are dedicated to exploring the vast ensemble repertoire before 1700 for 2-6 voices. Our love for the flexibility and beauty of soloistic ensemble music has lead us to meet some of the finest early music players and singers based in Berlin who also live for the richness of this too often underperformed chamber music. Since 2014 we have brought in many other vocal talents, continuo players and instrumentalists to realize some of our larger projects, such as madrigal programs for 5-6 voices and oratorio for 3-6 voices.

We want to explore the spectrum of expression that small ensembles can achieve. We are constantly designing new program ideas to explore and feature a certain area of repertoire which we find artistically rich and also just plain beautiful. For a list of our past and current programs, see our Programs page.